Hypergrowth for a company also requires hypergrowth of the people inside it. Thinking about how to manage growth ahead of time, rather than when it’s already happened and is creating a crisis, is critical.

Understanding the tools that are available and the environment we’re using the is key to sustained, long-term success. Hypergrowth is painful – there’s no way to do it gracefully, If it hurts you’re not doing it wrong, you’re doing it right – Ari Gesher, Palantir.

Nobody wants to work at an old-fashioned company. Nobody wants to buy products from an old-fashioned company. And nobody wants to invest in an old-fashioned company. A modern company harness creativity and talent of every single one of its employees.

The company needs an automatic process for testing a new idea, to see if it is actually any good. Th company needs management tools necessary to scale this idea up to a maximum impact, even if it doesn’t align with any of company’s current lines of business.

The Startup Way
Eric Ries

Waxdale Advisors is one of the 6 management service companies part of 400 Startups. Its services include IT project management, project advisory, and startup advisory.



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